Up And Coming International Vacation Spots

By Laurie Jo Miller Farr

We consulted with a travel expert regarding up-and-coming worldwide destinations. As founder of We Blog the World, an online luxury lifestyle website dedicated to transformative travel with more than one million followers, Renee Blodgett offered insights into a handful of top picks that touch on adventure, urban art and culture, oceans and islands.germany1 Up And Coming International Vacation Spots

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Germany: A Tale Of Two Cities

In 2017, Germany ushers in the next 500 years as it marks the 500th anniversary of Martin Luthers Protestant Reformation. Music is key as the nation at the heart of Europe looks to tomorrow. If you havent been to Berlin since the 1989 fall of the wall, the transformation is nothing less than startling to the senses. Mighty cranes dot the Berlin skyline as the city re-builds and re-invents itself as a major cultural center. Eyes and ears are tuned in to Museum Island in the capital citys lively Mitte district where the beloved Berlin State Opera, an 18th century landmark, reopens after a seven-year restoration. Hop on a train for the 90-minute journey to handsome Hamburg, Germanys second-largest city. Wander across bridges over canals, along rows of restored red brick warehouses to reach Elbphilharmonie, the citys striking new concert hall and symbol of the city. Built atop a historic warehouse, it balances elements of design and purpose, with views and programming that have already outpaced visits to the legendary Neuschwanstein Castle. Ease of travel is boosted by Air Berlins launch of new nonstop routes from San Francisco and Los Angeles as well as increased service from New York and Miami.

Related: 5 Must-Visit U.S. Destinations For History BuffsArgentina: Beyond Buenos Aires

Surprisingly, Latin America is often overlooked, considering the advantages of the southern hemispheres reverse seasonality and nearly zero jet lag for travelers from the USA. Outside of Buenos Aires, less is known about Argentinas diversity, natural beauty and ecotourism. Outdoor enthusiasts will be blown away by majestic Andes skiing in June through October, plus mountain climbing, trekking, kayaking, 44 safari and hydro-speed adventure options. Journey to protected areas where you can see wildlife and birdlife in their natural environments. Immerse yourself by learning how to herd cattle and ride across the Argentinian plains, combine BBQ or empanadas cooking classes with Spanish lessons, attend a tango dance class, or go sports fishing in freshwater streams and rivers. Experience a national park, greatly varied in terrain from the north to the south, with jungles, deserts, lakes, and forests. For a detour worth the effort, dont miss Iguazu Falls on the Brazilian border, the worlds largest waterfalls system. Argentina offers so many diverse choices, you could take several trips and still be aching for more.

phillipines1 Up And Coming International Vacation Spots

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Philippines: Tropical Paradise

Cebu Province is a tropical paradise that combines pristine beaches, cultural attractions, plus the best mangoes in the world. Unlike so many other islands that have become more built up and overcrowded, Cebu Island and its 150-plus surrounding islands havent lost their magic at all. Pack hiking boots and bathing suits to explore Olango Island’s Wildlife Sanctuary and on to the untouched volcanic Camotes with their abundant palm-lined beaches. See the crystal clear turquoise waters of Bantayan and the secluded bays of Malapascua and Mactan, where exquisite diving earns it the nickname “Diving Mecca of the South.” There’s also a sunken island off the west coast of Cebu, which makes a great bucket list item for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts. Not a water baby? Cebu has lively markets, bars, and eateries as well as many cultural sites, monuments, basilicas, temples, and museums.

Madagascar: Everything Unexpected

Looking for something more remote? Madagascar is on the tip of everyones tongue at blogger conventions and travel trade showcases. Its one of those untouched gems, like Mozambique was 15 years ago and Cuba was less than 10 years ago. For travelers who want to experience adventure, take a break from more traditional destinations. And if you feel comfortable with exploring the unknown, Madagascar is a viable off-the-beaten path choice brimming with natural beauty. Situated off the eastern coast of Africa, the island nation is comparable to the size of France but with 3,000 miles of coastline. Imagine: Five percent of all known animal and plant species on earth can only be found on Madagascar. If you’re into hiking through astonishing natural environment, you’ll find plenty of diverse terrain, taking you from rainforest to desert within 200 miles. See sandstone formations in Isalo National Park, the geysers of Analavory, and rare, ancient trees lining a dirt road known as Avenue of the Baobabs in the Menabe region.

Why Plan a Deluxe Walt Disney World Vacation?

Why plan a deluxe Walt Disney World vacation?  Why not? Our vacation memories are some of the strongest memories of our lives.  It’s hard to put a value on these once-in-a-lifetime experiences and Disney offers unmatched service that is not easily found anywhere else.  If you’re dreaming of a relaxed, unforgettable vacation, a Disney World Deluxe vacation is something that you should certainly consider.  Maybe you are an experienced Disney World traveler; a deluxe vacation with added tours might offer new experiences for your stay.  Deluxe vacations come with many different price tags depending on the options that you choose.My definition of a Deluxe Disney vacation is as follows…

Grand_Flordian_BuildingThe top features of a Deluxe Disney Vacation Package are:

• a stay in a Disney owned deluxe resort• minimum 5 night stay• minimum 4 day park tickets• Disney Dining Plan or Deluxe Dining Plan• possible added tours and parties• possibly a land/sea vacation

Your Resort

A Deluxe vacation usually includes a stay in a Disney owned, deluxe resort for a minimum of 5 nights or longer.  There are rooms that might be considered ‘deluxe’ at some of the other Disney Resorts including the specialty rooms at some of the moderate resorts and the suites at Disney’s Art of Animation.

Grand_Flordian_LobbyWhy stay in a Deluxe Resort?

Deluxe resorts offer beautiful theming and outstanding lobbies and all of the rooms open to inside corridors.  The food is outstanding with table service restaurants and at least one upscale option as well as savory quick service dining.  Each resort has a main feature pool with a water slide and other quiet pools throughout the resort.  Every deluxe resort includes non-bus access to at least one park with the exception of Animal Kingdom Lodge.  Most of the deluxe resorts can accommodate 5 people in a standard room and they all offer on-site gyms, salons valet parking is available.  These amazing resorts will really make you feel like royalty.

Animal_Kingdom_Lodge_Kidani_pool-3Park Tickets

Deluxe vacations include a minimum of a 4 day park ticket.  If you want to fully experience Disney, stay a few extra days for some relaxation time.  Added days and nights offer extra options such as a second day in your favorite park/s as well as time to experience places like Disney Springs, the Disney water parks, golf, spas, fishing, mini-golf or a wide range of other personalized experiences, recreation tours that Disney offers.  Adding extra days or nights to your trip for relaxation, pool time and other non-park activities always makes your vacation feel more relaxed.

Dining Plan

A deluxe Disney vacation should also include a Disney dining plan and possibly the Deluxe Disney dining plan with 3 table service meals per person, per night of your stay.  Disney Dining Plans give your vacation package a more all-inclusive feel; there are several options, which you can discuss with your travel agent in order to figure out the best fit for your family.  The Deluxe dining plan combined with proper planning, will allow you to enjoy some of the famous, sought after signature restaurants around Disney property, without the stress of paying a large bill at the end of every meal.

Be_Our_Guest_CeilingAdditional Activities, Tours and Options

Some options that can be included and planned for your Deluxe Disney vacation are backstage tours in the parks or resorts; examples are the Star Wars tour in Hollywood Studios, Wild Africa Trek in Animal Kingdom, Behind the Seeds Tour in Epcot and Family Magic Tour in Magic Kingdom to name just a few.  You can also add an amazing dessert experience that offers mouthwatering treats and VIP seating for the fireworks shows in the parks.  From September through December special holiday parties are offered in the Magic Kingdom; these parties are extra ticketed events and are not included with park admission.  If you are looking for something extra special, there are VIP experiences that you can reserve with a VIP guide.  The sky is the limit for private parties, as long as the budget allows we can set up numerous custom options for your family or group.

Animal_Kingdom_Lodge_Jambo_House-Lobby4Land / Sea Vacation

For a truly Deluxe Walt Disney World vacation, add a cruise to the end of your park package for some time to relax and let down.  I’m speaking from personal experience when I say that there is no better Disney vacation than one that goes from the Disney World parks to a Disney Cruise experience.  Disney Cruise Line currently has 4 ships and I have been on all of them.  Most itineraries out of Port Canaveral include a stop at Castaway Cay, Disneys own private island.  This island paradise is by far the best, private cruise line island anywhere.

disney_magic_castaway_cayOnce-in-a-lifetime Events

Deluxe Disney vacations are perfect for those lifetime events that only happen once.  Disney is an expert at creating those perfect, unforgettable moments. Examples are weddings, honeymoons, Birthdays, graduations, babymoons, bar bat mitzvahs, quinceaneras, business events and countless other celebrations that everyone will remember forever.

Grand_Flordian_Cinderella_CarriageA Travel Agent

An invaluable piece of your Disney Deluxe vacation is an experienced and knowledgeable travel agent.  Your travel agent can help you put together all the pieces including dining reservations, fastpasses, tours, events and more.

The sky is the limit when you plan a Disney vacation and its never too early to start dreaming, saving and planning.

Why use a Travel Agent for your next Disney Vacation?

My name is Melissa and I am a Disney fanatic; I am also a travel agent. You will find me in the parks with my family almost every weekend, exploring new experiences so I can help my guests plan the perfect vacation.  When you book your Disney Deluxe vacation through me, you get my planning services FREE of charge.  You read that right; it costs exactly the same for you to book your vacation through me as it does to book directly through Disney and you get dedicated, personalized planning assistance based on countless hours of personal experience.  I’m here to answer any and all questions that you have and if I don’t have an answer, I will get one.For my deluxe guests I always send Walt Disney World autograph books to the kids and even Disney gift cards for a special treat while you enjoy your vacation.Melissa Mathies, Travel Designer Destination Expertwww.PixieDustAdventures.comMelissa@PixieDustAdventures.comHeadShot-fix  clia_acc_logo-black



What is the Best Summer Fishing Vacation

summer_fishing_vacations_white_marlin_capital_of_the_world_ocean_city_maryland_5838Its summer and along with it comes trying to find the best place to take a fishing vacation, that is if you are the fisherman or woman in the family. One of the best summer fishing vacation destinations is Ocean City Maryland. Not only does Ocean City have great beaches, warm ocean water and a boardwalk for shopping and fun, it is also home of the White Marlin Open Fishing Tournament and know as the White Marlin Capital of the world for the big fish that are caught during the tournament. You do not have to fish it to have fun, tons of people gather at the weigh-in in the evenings when the sport fishing boats come in and weigh in their white marlin, blue marlin, tuna, wahoo and dolphin. The lids will love the sights are much as Mom and Dad.

Read about the history of the white marlin open and more things do on one of the best family summer fishing vacations in Ocean City, MD.

So, I Took A Little Vacation From The Blog…

May 30, 2017


And this is what I come back to Nothing wrong with the first two panels of Tuesdays strip and I even get a kick out of The Bucket supporting the baseball team, confident in the knowledge that theyll more than make back their advertising spend through increased sales of milkshakes and french fries. But, boy howdy we swerve back to the Volcano hit a girl plotline and I got just about nothing.

May 31, 2017


I am trying to imagine that part of Ryans shock is coming not from the sign, which looks about a third the width of the one they were holding in panel three of Tuesdays strip, but also the incessant clacking and clanging of those bracelets.

Happy Easter/Passover !!! Recipes !!! plus Summer Vacation Planning 2017. Luxury Travel 2017. High Tech Luggage. New York. Boston. San Francisco. Philadelphia. Los Angeles and St. Louis !!!


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Re: New Talent

I, Renee Ashley Baker, like “the next new thing”. So, I made a video featuring a very talented singer. (I hope the “new talent” and “new products” featured in this video are successful as well.  All the “video clips” used in this video were “free” !!!).

P.S. I made this video while watching Steven Segal in “Shadow Man”.

Jillian Hervey


Where Does James Bond (007) Vacation ?

Fleming Villa on GoldenEye Island

GoldenEye Island

  Why GoldenEye (of course).  It’s the private island of James Bond creator Ian Fleming.  (Top photo “Fleming Villa” Jamaica).

Daniel Craig James Bond

Prefer another Island ? 

Tri Sri Lanka Hotel 2

Tri Sri Lanka Hotel

Try “Tri” the Sri Lanka hotel overlooking Koggala Lake. 

Prefer A “Summer Camp” Atmosphere ? 

SoHo Farmhouse England

Soho Farmhouse England 2

Leave it to Soho Farmhouse in Oxfordshire Town (England).  It’s part wellness retreat and part on-site foodie lovers “culinary garden”. 

Prefer A Stateside Retreat? 

Ranch Malibu

Ranch Malibu 2

There is Ranch Malibu the wellness camp that combines mountain hikes and a foodie lovers “vegetarian”  cuisine. 

Live on the East Coast? 

canyon-ranch-spa lenox massachusettes

Canyon Ranch Spa Lenox Massachusettes 2

There’s the famous Canyon Ranch Spa in Lenox Massachusettes.


A Camera….

Nikon 1 J5 compact fast shooting camera 500

Nikon’s 1 J6  Fast Shooting and Compact   Cost: $500


Fujifilm Instax Mini 70 119

Fujifilm’s  Instax Mini 70      Cost:  $119 


Space Case Luggage

Space Case (The World’s Most Advanced Luggage)

Modobag Luggage


Modo Luggage (The World’s Only Motorized Smart Luggage) 

Raden A22 luggage

Raden Luggage A22.  You can Track and Weigh this bag via phone app !!!

(and it can charge your “cell and other gadgets” while at the hotel )



2017 Chanel (city or resort) Collection



2017 McLaren 570GT & the 2017 Breitling Exospace B55 Connected


Easter Sunday 2017

Easter Sunday (On The Table !)

The Appetizer

  1. Deviled Eggs with Crawfish and Petrossian Caviar
    Crawfish Remoulade Deviled Eggs with Petrossian Caviar
  2. Recipe:      http://www.starchefs.com/cook/recipe/crawfish-remoulade-deviled-eggs-petrossian-caviar

The Entrees:

1. Virginia Ham Stuffed Beef Tenderloin

Virginia Ham Stuffed Beef Tenderloin

Recipe:   http://www.traditionalhome.com/food-entertaining/cooking-school/virginia-cooking-school-recipes?page=10

2. Bagel & Lox Skillet Strata

Recipe:   http://www.bhg.com/recipe/bagel-lox-skillet-strata/

3. Chicken Breasts Stuffed with Artichokes, Lemon and Goat Cheese

Recipe: http://www.cookinglight.com/food/quick-healthy/easy-chicken-recipes/chicken-breasts-stuffed-with-artichokes-lemon-goat-cheese-recipes

4. Lamb With Carrot Slaw

Recipe:   http://www.muscleandfitness.com/nutrition/healthy-recipes/muscle-building-lamb-recipe

5.  Sweet and Savory Greens Quiche  

Recipe:   http://www.bhg.com/recipe/sweet-and-savory-greens-quiche/

6.  Carmelized Pear and Blue Cheese Quiche

Recipe:   http://www.bhg.com/recipe/caramelized-pear-and-blue-cheese-quiche/


Wine Of Course !  

Rothschild Wine

Above A 2008 Lafite Rothschild      Cost: $780

View at:   http://www.wine.com/v6/Chateau-Lafite-Rothschild-2008/wine/103730/Detail.aspx?state=CA&warehouses=CA&cid=GoogleBase_CSE_103730_Alpha&s=Googlebase_CSE&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=PRODUCT+GROUP&utm_campaign=Google_Shopping_CA_Alpha&gclid=CPuTgcTFmtMCFQKXfgodJz0IrQ&gclsrc=aw.ds


Elite Traveler Magazine

Renee Ashley Baker is of “English and Welsh” descent.  (Meaning my Father Mr. Ashley’s mother was of Welsh descent and my Mother Mrs. Ashley’s mother was of English descent)….


Renee Ashley Baker will reside at 50 United Nations Plaza in a $10 million dollar condominium.  Hopefully Renee Ashley Baker will write a column for The New York Times called, “Living and Loving in New York City”.  Renee Ashley Baker will become a “citizen of France”. The France House, below, is the house Chanel (and a 50 year Rothschild Bank mortgage bought….)

Cote d Azur

Renee Ashley Baker will launch (in France) Erma French Perfume and Design. This includes Celtic Lion/Manly Man Menswear (hopefully with The Wertheimers exclusively for Neiman Marcus); ReneeAB9 Housewares (hopefully exclusively for Roche Bobois); and Champagne Socialite Cocktails (hopefully with The Rothschilds).

The ReneeAB9 on Zazzle will close January 2018.

The No List: 

No to Antoine Fuqua and No to Idris Elba.

No to Latifah (Latifah will “go to prison a year and a day”)

No to Pitbull (Pitbull will “go to prison a year and a day too”).

NO to all others that Renee Ashley Baker has previously said “NO” to.

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