Elago TripShell World Travel Adapter Written Review

The TripShell World Travel Adapter by elago is a must have this summer for travellers like me! The TripShell is an extremely useful, yet compact and affordable piece of kit designed by the folks at elago in California. Even better, elago include a free carrying case for the adapter to ensure that it remains safe and also that it does not damage any other things that you may have packed!

The compact design allows the unit to be easily slipped into your hand luggage when travelling, and again the carrying case ensures it does not get damaged during your travel or damage any other items in your bag. However the main feature of this travel adapter is its ability to charge up your electronic devices wherever you are! TripShell supports over 150 countries with US, UK, European, and Australian/New Zealand plugs. The plugs are easily deployed for action using the sliders on the side of the unit, simply slide down your required plug and it will lock into place. To return the adapter to its normal state simply press the release button on the side and slide the slider back down to move the plug back inside the travel adapter, it couldn’t be easier!

On the opposite end of the travel adapter there is a handy dual USB accessory, which can be used to charge two USB devices at once, for example your iPhone and iPad. The LED indicator ring around this USB hub indicates whether the device is function properly or if there is an issue. The accessory can be easily unplugged from the travel adapter, allowing you to use the TripShell as simply a travel adapter with any socket you require. You can even use the USB accessory alone without the need of the travel adapter as it is attached using a US plug, so it can be simply plugged into a US socket, and you can use the travel adapter to power something else! Even better for those who live in the US, you can benefit from this handy little device even when you’re not on holiday!

Elago helpfully include a spare 6.3A fuse, ensuring you will never be left stranded without a working adapter! Simply slide the cover off and it reveals a handy compartment containing the additional fuse. The fuse for the adapter itself is located amongst the plugs and can be easily accessed at all times in case it needs to be swapped. The world travel adapter by elago also comes with a built-in child safety shutter to ensure you children don’t get an electric shock!

I highly recommend this product, alongside all of Elago’s other products of which I have reviewed in the past. They all consist of premium quality, and each inherit additional small features and functions which demonstrate the time and care that goes into designing and manufacturing each of their products! If you would like to check out this product on elago please click here!

Tory Burch Minnie travel ballet flats

My favourite designer, Tory  Burch has created a new twist on her classic Reva flats.  They are called the Minnie travel ballet flats.  They look just like her iconic Revas but thats where it ends.  The nappa leather leather used on the uppers is much softer and less structured than that used on the Revas making it very foot friendly. The  soles are like pillows for your feet.  Dare I say it feels like youre floating on air. The Tory medallions on the toes are still metal but come in the same basic tonal colour as the flat itself. If youve every heard of Tieks flats, these Minnie flats are quite similar but with a Tory twist.  They are called travel flats cuz theyre made to be folded up and put in your handbag or purse, just like Tieks. I dont think Ill  ever do that with mine and besides, only on certain occasions do I carry a purse. The first pair of these I bought were the Laguna blue ones. These were given two thumbs up by my close friend Jen.  While buying them the gunmetal pair also caught my eye.  I think they appealed to me cuz thats the colour of my little Honda Accord coupe. These first two pairs were bought at the TB boutique in Scottsdale in March while on vacation.  Shortly after I got home from that vacation my local TB sales associate put a gold pair aside for me to try.  I guess the picture will tell you if I bought them or not. Haha.  The gunmetal pair has a certain iridescent look to them in certain lighting conditions.  So does the gold pair but in the direct sunlight the gold pair just POPs with all the colours of the rainbow.  I likely wont get the green or red pair but if they are every made in black. Count me in, sign me up or let me at them.  So far the online reviews are good.  Most women (or men) find the Revas need some breaking in.  The Minnie are comfy right out of the box.  If your a fan of Tory flats you need to try a pair of these. image image image imageDSC06177 DSC06199DSC06303DSC06557 image image image image image image DSC07132DSC07143


image image image image DSC06113DSC06197 DSC06173DSC06301 DSC06207DSC06377DSC06566 imageimage DSC07302   DSC07351 image image image


Eight Tips on How To Travel in Style

How to Travel in Style

Everyone wants to travel in style for a perfect #ootd that you want to share with your friends while on vacation. Let’s face it, we want to look stylish and flaunt like a model while sightseeing, so here’s how to travel in style like a fashion blogger:

Tip no. 1: Plan Ahead

I always plan ahead on what to wear whenever I travel abroad. I usually visualize what top and bottom can go well together and plan one week before the trip so that I can have plenty of choices and outfit ideas that I can come up with.

Tips on How to Travel in Style

When it comes to packing clothes, I like to keep it neutral and classic.  Stick with the clothes you already love and pair it with something new or something that will perfectly match it.

How to Travel in Style

Tip no. 2 : Dress according to weather.

Tips on How to Travel in Style

You don’t wanna pack a tank top and shorts in an 8-degree weather right? Check the weather forecast first and plan from there on what kind of clothes you wanna bring and start brainstorming on your upcoming #ootds.

Tips on How to Travel in Style

Jumpsuits and denim dress are the safest outfits that you can bring on your vacation. You can pair your jumpsuits with a leather jacket and boots if it’s a bit chilly or a denim dress  that match your favorite sandals if you plan to go to the beach.

Tips on How to Travel in Style

arashiyama bamboo kyoto

Tip no. 3 : Comfy at its best- Sneakers

Finding a balance between comfort and fashion is the key when searching for travel outfit. When searching for a footwear, you don’t need to pack many kinds if you have one kicks that say comfort and chic. The all-white sneaker is a must have to pack since it’s very versatile and can pair well with jeans, skirts and beyond. It is the perfect footwear if you need some serious #ootd but still finding it comfortable to wear.

Tips on How to Travel in Style

Tip no. 4: Statement Bag

Tips on How to Travel in Style

A bag with multiple pockets helps things organized. You can put everything that you need on those pockets like your passport, ticket and travel documents to show at the airport. No more hassle!

Tip no. 5 : A Leather Jacket

When you are traveling to cooler climates like Baguio or Tagaytay or wherever, it is best to pack a leather jacket to keep you warm especially on ber months.

arashiyama bamboo kyoto

It’s my never fail go-to jacket for all sorts of occasions. It never goes out of style and it’s best to pair with almost anything.

Tip no. 6 : Have Fun!

How to Travel in Style

Of course, Having fun is the main point of traveling regardless of the #ootds we like to upload. What matters most is the adventure and experience we received and the memories will get upon our journey. Happy Travel Everyone and I hope you guys like my post!

Youngdo Microfibre Towel Travel Towel 180 x 90cm – Quick Dry,Lightweight,Absorbent and Compact with Bag -Sports Towel for sports, gym,golf ,camping, swimming, yoga, pilates, bikram, beach, bath or at home

I have used a microfibre sports towel of one sort or another for over a year and love them. I play competitive sport and always take a towel with me for wiping down after a match. A small ordinary hand towel is sometimes not large enough especially not on a hot summers evening but carrying a big bath sized towel is just too much.

This is a lovely large microfbre towel which measures approximately 180cm by 90cm. This is about the size of a normal good sized bath towel. However, it folds so so small that it doesnt take up that much room in my sports bag. It is also not heavy. When folded down this towel fits into its handy carry case which measures approximately  22cm by 18cm by 4cm deep.

I have used this towel several times when playing sport and found it to be just as good as other microfibre towels that I have used. It wipes the sweat away with no problems. Should you wish to wet it use a damp towel on a hot head then it is easy to wring out and it doesnt drip. I certainly wouldnt go back to using a conventional towel for sports though I do prefer a standard fluffy towel indoors for bathing!

I have washed this towel on a standard coloured wash with no problems at all. The colour didnt run and it came up nice and clean. Microfibre towels take only a fraction of the drying time of a conventional towel so they can be back in use nice and quickly.

This is a great towel which I am more than happy to use as my sports towel. It does the job well and is a great size.




Travel to London, England

London is crammed with a lot of tourist attractions. It really is one of worlds ideal capital cities with a unique blend of ancient and contemporary attractions drawing millions of vacationers from all corners with the planet. Being the economic leader of Europe along with a hub for business enterprise and creativity, London is renowned for tourism, commerce, politics and diverse activities. Get much more information about Things to do in London3London is not a city unique for measureless greeneries, serene beaches or snowy cliffs. However, it is a land with over two hundred lingual diversities. The city is also a bustling centre for poets, musicians, scientists, theatres, museums, parks, historic constructing and contemporary day captivations. No matter you are a tourist hunter, art and entertainment lover or even a shopaholic, London is actually a 1 stop retailer for something life has!

London is more than two millennia years old. It really is a globe class destination exactly where youll be able to see historical web sites neighboring modern day attractions. Once you step into the city, youd be mesmerized by the excellent amenities that the London airports Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Luton and City Airport offer you. In the airports, youve taxis and private employ autos available to take you to any destination from the airports. Whenever you book ahead of time in any of those solutions, youve got a driver waiting for the arrival inside the information and facts desk taking you to the automobile whilst assisting you together with your luggage. Its a warm welcome even prior to stepping into the city, right!

River Thames is definitely an historical landmark and houses a great deal of attractions on its banks. A river cruise would give an eye catching view in the city. Attractions just like the Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament, Large Ben, Westminster Abbey, British Museum, Tower of London, Tower Bridge, London Eye offer you a glimpse from the glory of art and architecture in the UK plus the modern day day improvement in the city.

London has measureless greenery like Hyde Park, The Royal Botanic Gardens, Regents Park, Kensington Gardens and dense forest with animals and exotic plant species and plantations with clear waters. Destinations like the Covent Garden, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square would give you the true spirit of London.

If youre within the hunt of a number of worlds ideal masterpieces then London Museums like the British Museum, the Museum of London, Madame Tussauds, Victoria and Albert Museum, the London Transport Museum, the Science Museum along with the Natural History Museum would be the most effective. If youre an art lover, do not miss a check out to London Galleries The Tate Contemporary, The Tate Britain, Trafalgar Squares National Gallery plus the National Portrait Gallery.

Education, business, entertainment, nightlife, sports, transportation, restaurants and hotels and every little thing inside the city is exceptional! The city is actually a shopping Mecca with some of worlds most effective shopping streets like Camden Industry, Oxford Street, Portobello Road Market and Regent Street and shops like Harrods, Selfridges, John Lewis, Debenhams, Marks and Spencer, Harvey Nichols and Hamleys Toy Shop.

There is certainly absolutely nothing you cant do in London or you do not get in London. A stop by for the city would offer you the feel of life. Travel to London and really feel the pleasure!!!

2016 Tory Burch Minnie travel flats update (part 2)

This is going to be a quick Minnie collection update.  Since my last post I’ve only added one more pair of the Minnie’s but they need to be shown.  The best thing about this latest pair is they were already on sale, then 30% more off that.  Let’s just say they were to cheap to pass up.  And as for the colour…according to some experts say “white” is not a colour.  For having no colour these white Minnie’s certainly have a lots of “pop” to them.  Of course they aren’t just white, they’re patent white.  White shoes always have a “pop” or “fab” look to them when they’re new but as they get older they lose there brightness.  Because these are patent I expect they’ll be shiny and white for years and years.


These are my latest pair of TB Minnie travel flats. 










Sports & Outdoors $ Mud River The Frisco Travel Dog Bed

Mud River The Frisco Travel Dog Bed River Ride New to kayaking? I was. I experienced a beautifully humorous experience. What did I arrive across on one of my to start with journeys on a incredibly tranquil river? Selecting a Columbia River Knife and Resource (CRKT) M-sixteen The M-16 knife by CRKT is the most well-liked line of CRKT knives designed by knife maker and former expert soldier Package Carson. All of the M-16 knives are terrific for a extensive wide variety of takes advantage of from an each and every day have (EDC) to a rescue knife. When deciding on a knife numerous men and women have turn into really impressed with the affordability and good quality that these low-cost knives produce. Check out River Rafting Visits River rafting journeys provide a spontaneous and adventurous discovering for the overall loved ones, irrespective of age. Drifting with the circulation, and with character as the only information, the river journeys supply an unforgettable experience. Five Wonderful Stretches Of The Columbia River To Take pleasure in In North Central Washington North Central Washington is regarded for the wonderful outdoor scenic locations and leisure possibilities that are identified there. 1 of the region’s greatest property is the mighty Columbia River that flows proper by way of it. Listed here is a search at five good sections of the river worthy of examining out for a variety of reasons. Climbing The Housatonic River Valley Have you at any time been searching for that small one thing excess in a holiday vacation? A thing to renew the spirit and invigorate the system. a lot of men and women vacation to New England to see the leaves alter, but why not do it in a a lot more fulfilling vogue by mountaineering the Housatonic River valley. Mud River The Frisco Travel Dog Bed

Seven awesome travel products for persnickety nerds

I travel a lot and Im kind of .. obsessive. Herewith therefore, my very favourite travel products, time-tested and iterated-upon over the past decade. Note: Yeah, I am shaking my head as I press publish here. I comfort myself with the knowledge that I am not alone: lots of people are just as weirdly fussy about this stuff as I am. Nonetheless, I reserve the right to come back and caveat stuff here if I end up being publicly shamed 😉


Scottevest travel vest with many pockets. OMG I love my Scottevest. It has 17 internal zippered pockets including ones perfectly sized for passports and ID cards, plus built-in channels for holding earbud cabling. I carry in it anything and everthing that I might need for flying: travel documents, pens, disinfecting wipes, nasal sanitizer swabs, Purell, eye drops, a tiny flashlight, lip balm, various adapters and cables, Sudafed, Benadryl, painkillers, zinc lozenges, tiny toothbrush and toothpaste, a notebook, mini-kit for repairing things, kleenex, stain removal pen, and immigration/residency documents. I wear it to and from the airport, and leave it in my suitcase otherwise.

Drawbacks. None. Zero!

Variants. There are other versions of this vest out there (like this Tilley one or this from Magellans) but Ive never tried them. The built-in cabling solution is unique to Scottevest AFAIK, and that alone would keep me with that company. Annoyingly, women seem to be underserved in this category by everyone, with nowhere near the amount of product variety that men get.


Clear vinyl zippered bags from MMF Industries. I use these to collect together small things in my luggage (e.g. power cables, toiletries) so they dont get lost. These are great transparent, washable including in a dishwasher, and completely indestructible.

Drawbacks. None, except I wish they came in additional sizes.

Variants. A lot of people recommend just using ziplocs but I find even the thicker freezer ones rip too easily. Mesh bags and translucent bags dont offer enough visibility into their contents, and many offer zero protection against leakage. This bag from the Container Store doesnt pack neatly and over time the brittle plastic creases and cracks. This Tom Binh bag has fabric sides so isnt easily washable/wipeable. This translucent bag and this canvas bag from Arsenal are super-durable but neither is transparent and I found them a little bulky. If I need something waterproof I use these clear bags from Alosak, but theyre not as durable as the MMF one: after a few trips, they often tear under the seal.


Tiny clear plastic flip-top bottles from Muji. I have used a thousand variants of travel bottles/jars/tubes/whatever and these are the best theyre great for carrying small amounts of stuff like cleanser, moisturizer and hair product. They dont leak or drip. Squeezeable so you can get out all the contents. Translucent which means you can see when its time to refill.

Drawbacks. Mouth is slightly too narrow which means you need to use a pipette for non-liquids, or be extremely patient.

Variants. For smaller amounts or thicker products, these wee containers from Muji hold only 10g and are pretty much indestructible. For larger capacity, these Nalgene bottles from the Container Store are durable and reasonably leak-proof. These tiny ziploc bags are great for collecting together and mildly protecting small quantities of dry items like Sudafed, adaptors, USB sticks, change, buttons, stickers or jewelery, and this vitamins/medication case is rugged and compact. GoToobs are really popular but I found they leaked, and they were an awkward shape for packing. This set of stacking pill containers is also awkward for packing and breaks if you drop it, this Muji pill box is cheap-feeling and flimsy, these small Nalgene jars annoy me by having lids larger than the part you fill with product, and although these small round pill boxes from the Container Store are pretty good, theyre a hard plastic and do sometimes crack if dropped.


Packing cubes from eBags. Frequent travellers are split on packing cubes some find them useful, while others think they waste space and weight. I like that they offer mild protection and keep my stuff organized, and a couple of times Ive been grateful that they made repacking super-easy after my luggage got rummaged through by airport security. (Airport security people never actually open the cubes: I dont know why.) I use them for clothes and non-fragile equipment/gear, particularly if its awkwardly-shaped. I pack clothes by outfit, which is great especially for red-eyes because I can pull out a single cube to change quickly at the hotel or airport.

Drawbacks. None.

Variants. Ive tried a number of variants but they all had drawbacks. I colour-code by type-of-content, which means Rick Steves cubes and Tumi cubes, which only come in black, wont work for me. You cant colour-code with Ziplocs either, plus they rip too easily. I find the Eagle Creek cubes too heavy and the prominent branding bugs me. Travel folders cause wrinkles and are fiddly for repacking, and theyre best for people who are carrying multiples of things like button-downs, which I am not. Compression bags cause wrinkles and can be a hassle to repack: theyre not worth it unless youre super space-constrained. Travel shoe bags really only fit flat shoes not heels or boots, and are usually too bulky/rigid to be useful: I try to avoid carrying extra shoes but when I need to, I just wrap them in soft bulky clothing and bury them in the centre of the suitcase.


Portable battery pack from Anker. At 20000mAh, this is the highest-capacity general-use portable battery pack I know of, and when I did the math in July 2013 it had the best charge:weight ratio on Amazon. It charges my phone and tablets multiple times before needing to be plugged in Ive never yet fully drained it. It lives in my suitcase: I bring it with me on day trips and long flights when I wont have access to power, and use it sometimes in hotels or public spaces when I cant easily access an outlet. Its beautifully designed and built.

Drawbacks. Too big and heavy to drag around every day. Supports many laptops, but not mine.

Variants. This 13000mAh charger from Powergen is pretty good, although I like Ankers build quality, form factor and aesthetics better. I find the Anker fits better in my bags than this boxier 12000mAh charger from New Trent, plus Ive had multiple New Trent products stop working for me after only a year or so. This 4500mAh charger from Anker is light and small: its good as a backup for giving my phone a single charge and I carry it with me everywhere, but Im not thrilled with the hideaway cable which seems fragile.


Travel adapter from Tripshell. These are well-built and durable, with no attachments to lose. I carry two or three in my suitcase and various charging kits.

Drawbacks. Because they disappear against dark backdrops, Ive left a few behind in hotel rooms and meeting rooms. (Theres a dark red and a white version but theyre not much better.) I would love if somebody made these in a fluorescent.

Variants. Theres a Kensington adapter thats practically identical to the Tripshell. The square all-in-one adapters always feel flimsy to me, plus they are slightly bulkier. Adapters with multiple components are too fiddly, and I lose the components.


Four-outlet power strip from Monster. I love this power strip. Its super-useful in hotels with limited or not-very-accessible outlets, and Ive used it frequently on planes and in airports and event venues as well. Its compact and durable, has widely spaced outlets that let you plug in multiple adapters, the plug is flat which means it fits into tight spaces, and when you plug it in it lights up to show its drawing charge.

Drawbacks. Would be great if it had a swivel feature.

Variants. Ive used a bunch of variants but this is the best. This Belkin power strip works great at home, but is too bulky for travel. This USB wall charger from ARCTIC offers similar functionality to the Monster one, but has multiple parts that can get lost and is an awkward fit in tight spaces. This Belkin travel charger offers three outlets plus USB plus surge protection but again, the form factor limits its usefulness in tight spaces. The same is true for this wall charger from Anker, which only supports USB.

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Oboes.ch Reed Knife + 1,500 grit Shapton Pro Travel Sharpening Stone (2 Videos)

An introduction to using the Swiss Star Knife from Oboes.Ch on a custom 1,500 Shapton Pro grit travel stone by Tom Blodgett of Jende Industries, LLC.This video first introduces the 1,500 grit Shapton Pro 1 x 6 stone, which is mounted to an aluminum base for better stability. The stone is stored dry in a sheath and just needs a quick splash of water before use. Then he uses the Oboes.ch Swiss Star Reed beveled reed knife to demonstrate how to properly use the stone in order to refresh an edge that is simply tired or dull, but otherwise in good condition.

The second video shows how to effectively account for the rounding by using a permanent marker to mark the edge. On older single bevel reed knives, there is almost always rounding that has occurred at the edge, either through sharpening and/or stone wear over time. When touching up the edge of the reed knife, it should remove the marker from the edge of the blade. If you use the travel stone on your older reed knife, it may not work when the blade is placed flat on the stone. If it does not remove the ink when flat, then the blade should be raised off the stone slightly in order to abrade the actual edge.

This stone can also be used on hollow ground knives and of reed knives of all makes. Enjoy!