+sale*Super Compact Molded PE Drum Accessory Case with Removable Wheels

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Product Features :

Recognized as the industry standard rotationally molded drum casesProvides strength, durability, and simplicity for almost any drum sizeThe rotational molding process gives added strength and durability to case corners and provides water resistance that non-roto molded cases cant matchCustom depths and colors are availableComes with a limited, lifetime warranty against cracking

Super Compact Molded PE Drum Accessory Case with Removable Wheels

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The Chef’s Prerogative’s Super Happy Fun Time Noodle Bowl Awesome!


Asia has given us many wonderful things: tentacle porn, ninjas, ninja stars, the song Heat of the Moment, and gravure models, among the best.  But to my mind, Asias greatest export is what I will affectionately and blanketly, in my cultural insensitivity, call the noodle bowl.  A huge bowl of broth, meat, toppings, and deliciously alkaline noodles is perhaps my favorite food of the moment.  This will change as soon as I see a picture of a cheeseburger, but right now, I am on a noodle kick.  Im lucky enough to live in a place with a ton of Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Thai restaurants, most of which offer some form of a noodle bowl, as well as a side-order of hilariously-translated menu descriptions*.  Unfortunately, money spent on noodle bowls is money not available for sponsoring my African orphan, Douglas Asenbach TheChefsPrerogative.  As such, I have taken to making heaping bowls of noodles in my home, instead.  Im still in the Ah, fuck it lets just throw everything in there stage of this recipes development, so feel free to experiment on your own and commit seppuku when it all goes wrong.

Id watch yourself, kitty. Thats all cute and funny, but in this economic climate, youre just an enticement to a cheap meal. See how I avoided the obvious and stereotypical some Asians eat dogs and cats joke? Thats some good and responsible blog jokin, right there.

Wondrous Ingredients of Luck Terrific!

NoodlesRice wine vinegarMirinGingerPeanut oilShallotMeatVeggiesWhatever else you got

Making Most Happy Foods Wonderful!

Look, Im no Asian chef, and, as stated, Ive only recently begun making these things, so cut me some fucking slack if Im not using nori or naruto or Hello Kitty, or whatever else makes noodle bowls authentic feel free to put some of your manga on in the background while making this, if it will make you feel better.  In fact, I bought David Changs wonderful book, Momofuku, for the sole purpose of getting better at this whole Asian cooking thing, but, after careful study, I have come to the conclusion that that shit is fucking hard!  Seriously, it scares me and makes me want to cry.

Because of the inherent difficulty of making authentic J-cuisine, and the time constraints imposed on me by my almost impossible cosplay schedule, I opt for a simple, yet tasty, noodle bowl, which appeals to both my appetite and inherent affinity for randomly chucking shit in a pot, guided by nothing but a peculiar mix of impulse, intuition, and martinis.  That such a mix was also the impetus for landing me in a Oaxacan jail for the past four months bodes well for the final, inevitably perfect, presentation of this dish.

My cell-mate, Juan, taught me a lot about life, philosophy, and how to stab a guy to death using a shiv fashioned out of an old newspaper and spit.

I generally start out by sauteing finely diced shallots, onions, and assorted veggies in peanut oil.  I then add mirin and rice wine vinegar, because those are Asian.  This is followed by adding shitake mushrooms and a mixture of whatever stock or broth I have in my pantry, as well as soy sauce.  Seriously, whatever you got, throw it in after all, this is generally where I get all Dr. Frankenstein on my ramen.  For whatever reason, I always feel it necessary to let the mixture reduce a lot, then add more stock, then reduce again.  Whenever my impeccable and almost Helios-like culinary intuition kicks in and informs me that the broth is now ready that any more cooking would ruin it, but any less and it wouldnt have been complete I throw in tofu, bok choy, and whatever else I can think of, to finish it off like I was a Korean masseuse at a Japanese massage parlor.  Pour the broth over boiled noodles of your choosing, and top with pork shoulder youve conveniently roasted to perfection before-hand.  On the side, I like to have a bowl of julienned  radish and cucumber, some hot sesame oil, and a jar of seasoning I stole from my local Japanese restaurant.

As Ive been writing this, and simultaneously perusing some ramen-oriented sites on the internet, I have come to the realization that Im kind of massacring a centuries-old cuisine, and doing to it what Sandra Lee does to all manner of food and table-scapes.  But, listen: if you want a proper bowl of ramen (as well as all manner of other delicious Asian treats), go get you some Momofuku from Barnes Noble, and follow its great recipe.  Its a great book if not exactly user friendly (seriously, Im a big fan of ramen, but I dont know if I want to cook a gallon-and-a-half of broth, dude) and the author uses the word fuck a lot.  And, in defense of my horrific and ethnically insensitive recipe, this is how Chang describes what he deduced as the ramen recipe of a very popular Tokyo ramen house: (1) Soy sauce placed in bowl, then stock, (2) gigantic helping of noodles, (3) toppings are placed, (4) finished with a touch of stock.  So it seems ramen is not about some specific recipe, but rather about the simplicity and quality of its constituent parts; a quality which, like all seemingly simple things, takes millenia to perfect.  Im not saying you and I should give up trying for the perfect, authentic noodle bowl, but I am saying that youre a white guy who drives a Saab, so maybe just be happy with a reasonable facsimile you can make in your house, without a centuries-old recipe and the patience of Confucius.  If, however, you can find a place that serves good pork buns, just give up and go there, instead.

Did you seriously think you were getting out of here without a picture of a Gravure model? I may not know how to cook things of a Japanese nature, but I sure as hell know how to masturbate to them.

_____________*An actual description from a small noodle joint I recently visited: Kink pork noodle soup to the last drop drink, became one of the ingredients, and balanced a taste of Santoka also say one cup.  The image of a sophisticated finish to taste both beautiful slender women.  Koume icon is decorated with chocolate in the middle of the bowl is topped with only noodles shiora.  I like the noodles and beautiful, slender women, but Im a little disquieted by the thought of that chocolate in my ramen.



WATERREPELL SUPER is supplied as ready to use, single component penetrating silane-siloxane system which penetrates into porous substrates and then reacts to produce a bonded hydrophobic lining to the pores. It significance reduces absorption of water into the substrate. WATERREPELL SUPER prolongs the clean appearance of buildings, reduces chemical attack, minimizes efflorescence. Any other common water repellent will penetrate and provide water repellence by chemically reacting with the substrate. Due to the excellent waterrepell properties dirt and other atmospheric impurities are washed off by rain and its clean appearance is maintained for a longer period.


Easily applied waterrepell treatment giving a self cleaning, hydrophobic surface to masonry, brick, stone, concrete, mortar and asbestos sheeting.Excellent waterrepell.Increases free-flow resistance and minimizes efflorescence.Penetrates into substrates.Excellent performance and stability.Chemical resistance.


WATERREPELL SUPER is used to protect exposed reinforced concrete structures other cementitious substrates masonry. Suitable for use on mineral substrates such as brick, stone, concrete, mortar and asbestos sheeting.

VISIT: http://www.fairmate.com/ or http://www.fairmateshoppee.com/


10 mouses super Geek

mouse Road, na forma do seu carro favorito

Atenção amantes de carros, agora você pode navegar na web em grande estilo com réplica oficialmente licenciado do seu carro favorito com oWireless Road Mice (44,95 dólares) . Estes mouses Road ter 800 dpi de resolução para aumentar a precisão, funcionando faróis (com botão liga / desliga para economizar bateria), e mesmo individual VIN números de série que você possa ter personalizado e título de registo, tal como um carro real.

Mouse Sexy Body

Como poderia trabalhar com um computador sempre tendo uma experiência sensual? Bem, com o Pat-Says-Agora Body Optical Mouse (29,90 dólares), você estará tocando e se movendo em torno de um corpo voluptuoso vestida de lingerie chique  todo o dia.

World of Warcraft Mouse

O que é uma sessão de World of Warcraft sem um mouse WOC dedicado?Isso foi fabricantes SteelSeries periféricos sentimentos jogo quando criou aSteelSeries World of Warcraft Mouse (99,99 dólares) por seus 11 milhões de usuários dedicados. Levaria três mãos, com todos os dígitos intacta para coincidir com o número de botões no Novo Mundo SteelSeries of Warcraft MMO mouse. Thats right 15 botões programáveis graça funky cyborgish roedor exterior, e cada um deles foi projetado em conjunto com a Blizzard especificamente com viciados WoW em mente. O nível mouse novo o seu conjunto de habilidades macros, possibilitando até 160 caracteres, com mais de 130 comandos predefinidos para arrastar e soltar a criação de macro no lugar.

Mouse Livre de Germes

A s Germ IOGear Free Wireless Laser Mouse ($ 11.99) é revestido com dióxido de titânio (TiO2) e prata (Ag) de partículas compostos nano, que usa dois mecanismos para desativar enzimas e proteínas para impedir que um amplo espectro de bactérias, vírus, fungos, e as algas sobrevivem a partir da superfície do mouse. Ele foi testado e comprovadamente eficaz contra a liquidação de micróbios nocivos sobre a superfície isolada, uma excelente ferramenta para escritórios médicos, bibliotecas, escolas e computadores públicos em geral.

Mouse lavável

Se o mouse Germ-free não faz você se sentir limpa o suficiente, tente oBelkin lavável Mouse (17,69 dólares) . Com um design resistente a água, o rato lavável pode suportar derrames e você pode lavá-lo à mão direita sob a torneira. Sujeira, alimentos, líquidos, germes, bactérias todos lavar imediatamente com sabão e água.

Mouse na ponta do dedo Wearable

Conheça o estilo da ponta do dedo-Ring Mouse (10,50 dólares) .Este dedo mouse cintas-japonesa em seu dedo indicador e usa um sensor óptico para acompanhar o seu apontador uma roda-polegar atua como umclicker também. O mouse é super compacto e destinados ao uso em circunstâncias abarrotado você ainda pode usar sua coxa como superfície mousing, que isso é legal?

Teclado Mouse

Conheça o Adesso AKP Teclado Mouse 170 (19,99 dólares) . Os 19 Key USB Teclado Numérico e Optical Mouse oferece notebook e usuários de desktop, um benefício imediato de uma de tamanho normal, o teclado numérico externo em uma forma compacta. Ele funciona como um teclado numérico e como um mouse óptico que possui uma gama superior transparente flip para o teclado e mais roda de rolagem para navegação na web mais fácil. É inovador e portátil, definitivamente concebidos para profissionais móveis. Coração Mouse

Sinta o amor a cada clique do Pat-Says-Agora Coração Vermelho Computer Mouse (45,99 dólares) . Não pode ser um diamante em forma de coração, mas para um geek do computador é quase equivalente a um. Hamburger Mouse

Este é um hamburguer no deskop que não vai cair migalhas no teclado omouse Hamburger (19,95 dólares) . Seu design ergonômico deliciosamente tem uma garantia de cerca de três milhões de cliques, provavelmente um milhão mais do que você vai precisar na sua vida, a menos que você é um otário para-e-clique em ponto de RPGs, como a antiga escola de Diablo. Mouse Bamboo

Obter e ambientalmente amigável com o 3BTN Bambu Eco-Friendly Mouse (16,73 dólares) . Elegante para o executivo, prático para todos.Para usar a mão esquerda ou direita, com tecnologia de fibra ótica, PC e Mac compatível.



SUPER CLEAN DEGREASER GALLON Tremendous Impose: Winner Australian Racehorse Prior to Octagonals foray onto Australian Racetracks, New Zealand Thoroughbred racehorse, Super Impose, was the holder of the Australian stakes-earning document with in excess of $ five million. During his occupation, Super Impose gained each the Epsom and Doncaster Handicaps in 1990 and 1991. His winning approaches couldnt halt him from profitable the Cox Plate as an eight-12 months-previous in 1992. Clean up A Snooker Desk The Appropriate Way Cleaning the snooker desk implies that you will lengthen its existence. As much as probable, you have to do it regularly. The ideas described will guide you on how to do it the greatest feasible way. You have to instill them in your intellect all the time. Recommendations to Get Great Tools For Super Sports activities and Pastimes This posting highlights the need to have some fantastic accessories on boats and kayaks for when temperature disorders turn out to be a little tough. It displays that cash can be saved by shopping for the ideal products which is acceptable for the reason. How to Maintain Your Childs Enjoy Tent Clean up Tents have long gone significantly from getting just an product for out of doors camping. It has grow to be a mainstay device in a lot of homes that have little ones. SUPER CLEAN DEGREASER GALLON How To Clean up A Shell Ideas From a Seashell Collector Gathering seashells is a fascinating interest but it does not acquire extensive in advance of you will be inquiring How to clean a Sea Shell. As perfectly as the need to have for cleansing the inside of the shell, there are frequently coral and lime encrustations and algae development on the exterior which desires to be taken out. In this article I would like to focus on the different solutions that I have used for cleaning seashells and present some strategies and tips that could assistance make this endeavor less difficult than you may possibly assume.

Super 6-Pack of Maryland Beauty Winterberry Plants from Holly Hill Nurseries

Super 6-Pack: Todays Special is our Maryland Beauty Winterberry. Get 6 plants of this variety for $24.99.

Easily grown in average, medium to wet soils in full sun to part shade. Adaptable to both light and heavy soils, but prefers moist, acidic, organic loams. Good tolerance for wet conditions (the species is native to swampy areas in Eastern North America). Winterberries are dioecious (separate male and female plants). Maryland Beauty is a female cultivar which needs a male pollinator to produce the attractive red berries which are the signature of the winterberries. Male pollinator must be a shrub whose flowers bloom at the same time (I. verticillata Jim Dandy is recommended). One male winterberry will be sufficient for pollinating 6-10 female shrubs. Prune to shape in early spring just before new growth appears.

Maryland Beauty is a female winterberry that typically matures to 5-7 tall and as wide. It is noted for its dense, heavy fruiting of bright red berries, with good retention of the fruit throughout winter. This is a compact, slow-growing, deciduous, multi-stemmed, suckering shrub with an upright-rounded habit. Lustrous dark green leaves (to 3 long) turn yellow-bronze in fall. Relatively inconspicuous greenish-white flowers appear in the leaf axils in late spring. Flowers, if properly pollinated, give way to a profuse crop of bright red berries (3/8 diameter) in fall. Showy berries will persist throughout the winter (hence the common name) and often to early spring. Berries provide considerable impact and interest to the winter landscape. Berries are a food source for birds. Zones 3 to 9.

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Summer 3-Stage Super Seat

Summer 3-Stage Super Seat Reviews

Are you consider purchasing Summer 3-Stage Super Seat and you simply want to get the best deal this product? or you want to read reviews written by actual consumers who have purchased the product?

If so then you are at the right place. Ill give you some tips before you buy this product. So you are not disappointed after buying it and in accordance with the product you need. You can also find price comparisons from sellers that I met, so you really get the best price currently for this great product.



Product Features

Size: one size | Color: Green

Stage one: infant support seat aids baby when learning to sit upStage two: floor time activity seat with removable tray and 4 toysStage three: booster seat with 3-point restraint and chair straps

Here are some tips and things to look when shopping online:

If you are interested in buying Summer 3-Stage Super Seat, be sure to read the products description and product features carefully.Read customer and media reviews to find out more about a product.Make sure there are not extra shipping or handling costs.If youre shopping for a certain date like Halloween, Christmas, a birthday, anniversary, or special events, plan ahead. It usually takes a few extra days to shop online because the product has to be shipped to your home.According product rating in major online retailers, one of good products to buy is Summer 3-Stage Super Seat.Customers who bought Summer 3-Stage Super Seat or other products in the Internet usually use several keywords on search engine to find the best deal for the product, such as reviews, cheap lowest prices, free shipping, gift ideas, city deals, sales, coupons online, new, holiday daily deals, bargain, best buy products including special offers, best deals, discount coupons, top hot deals, great offers, last minute deals and so on you can try it by yourself on your favorite search engines.

The Internet is a great research tool but sometimes all of the information can make you feel like your head is goung to explode. Fortunatey we have done comparing price at several online stores for you. If you interest to buy this product, Add To Your Cart and get today special offers for Summer 3-Stage Super Seat.

viewoffer.jpgThis amazing price is for a limited time only, so dont miss this deal! Just a few more days before you run out of stock! Purchase now to avoid disappointmentfooter-right.pngSummer 3-Stage Super Seat. Reviewed by Camila. Rating: 3.5[archives]

-## Dickies – Fury Super Safety Hiker Boot FA23380A ##-


[ln] Steel midsole for underfoot protection [ln] [ln]
– [ln] Antistatic plus shock absorbent heel [ln] [ln]
– [ln] Outer Material: Leather [ln] [ln]
– [ln] Inner Material: Lining: [ln] [ln]
– [ln] Sole: rubber [ln] [ln]
– [ln] Closure: Lace-Up [ln] [ln]
– [ln] Heel Height: 0.5 [ln] [ln]
-Heel Type: Flat
-Material Composition: Leather and mesh
-Shoe Width: Regular
-Dual density polyurethane sole
-Sole resistant to petrol and oil
-Steel toe-cap to EN20345 (200 joules)


Super Bass Bluetooth Speaker Pulse Portable Wireless Sound Box LED Flash Lights Outdoor Speakers with Mic TF Card FM Radio BS175

Super Bass Bluetooth Speaker Pulse Portable Wireless Sound Box LED Flash Lights Outdoor Speakers with Mic TF Card FM Radio BS175

Quick Details

  • Brand Name:
  • Model Number:
  • Type:
  • Use:
    Computer, Karaoke Player, Mobile Phone, Portable Audio Player
  • Channels:
  • Special Feature:
    Mini, Portable, Wireless
  • Place of Origin:
    Guangdong, China (Mainland)
  • material:
  • Battery:
  • support:
    wireless,FM, TF,hands-free, AUX in
  • color:
    white, black, red, blue, yellow

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: gift box

Delivery Detail: 3-25 days according to qty




Super Bass Bluetooth Speaker Pulse Portable Wireless Sound Box LED Flash Lights Outdoor Speakers with Mic TF Card FM Radio BS175



Bluetooth: V2.1

Working Distance:10M

Voltage:DC 5V

Battery Charge Time:2H

Battery capacity:550-600mAh


S/N Ratio:≥75db

Frequency Response:120HZ-18KHZ


New weight:210g


60pcs/CTN, 13kg/CTN, 


Carton size: 405*322*270mm


1.international advanced bluetooth chip and  circuit design techniques,support all  bluetooth device;

2.with FM function,can search radio station  broadcast automatically

3.with HI-FI speaker, to offer clear and  bright sound quality

4.Support TF Card

5.dual power suppor by Mini USB  charging/BL-5C lion battery,smart and fast  charging

6.play music after repairing with bluetooth  device for example mobile/MID/TV,the working  distance is within 15M.

7.Built-in microphone for hands-free function 





Super Absorbent Polymer(SAP)

Super Absorbent Polymer(SAP)

Quick Details

  • CAS No.:
  • Other Names:
    Super Absorbent Polymer
  • MF:
  • Place of Origin:
    Shandong, China (Mainland)
  • Type:
    Synthetic Resin and Plastics
  • Brand Name:
  • Model Number:
  • Purity:
    90%, 70-75
  • Model No.:
  • Color:
  • Certificate:
  • Application:
    Hygiene Field
  • Chemical name:
    Sodium Polyacrylate Resin
  • Appearance:
    White Granule
  • HS:
  • Function:
    Absorbing Blood or Urine
  • MOQ:
    One ton

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: 25kg per package
Delivery Detail: three days

Super Absorbent Polymer

1. Company Profile

1. Established in 2003, with RMB 20.72 million registered capital and more than 200 employees.

2. Main business is research, development, manufacturing and selling SAP.

3. Being responsible for drafting National Standard GBT22875-2008(Sanitary Towel) and GBT22905-2008(Diaper) in 2007.

4. GBT22875-2008 and GBT22905-2008 put into effect in 2009.

5. Solving technology problem: yellow resistance in hygiene products, the technology is in the leading position in the world.

6. Drafting two international standards for sanitary towel(ISO9001)on behalf of China, and will put into effect at the end of 2016.

7. 40000 ton automated production line will put into production at the end of 2016.

2. Goods Data:ZNKX-02

Test Environment: 25±2℃,≤70%rh

Absorption Capacity in 0.9%NaCl: 53±2g/g

Centrifuge Retention Capacity in 0.9%NaCl: 34±2g/g

Absorption Rate in 0.09%NaCl: less than 45s

Absorbency under Pressure (0.3psi): more than 25g/g

Particle Distribution ≥40mesh, ≤3%; ≤100mesh, ≤3%

Moisture Content: less than 10%

Bulk Density: 0.50-0.80

PH: 6.0-7.0

3. Application

4. Company Culture

Purpose:  Service for global female, baby, elderly people, improving their happiness quotient of health and pleasure.

Strategy:  Establishing hundred enterprise, originating SAP international brand

Philosophy: people oriented, exploit and innovate, win in quality, serve customers

Quality policy: high quality products, service sincerely, honesty as foundation, innovation continuously.

From:Shandong Haoyue New Materials Co., Ltd.