Elago TripShell World Travel Adapter Written Review

The TripShell World Travel Adapter by elago is a must have this summer for travellers like me! The TripShell is an extremely useful, yet compact and affordable piece of kit designed by the folks at elago in California. Even better, elago include a free carrying case for the adapter to ensure that it remains safe and also that it does not damage any other things that you may have packed!

The compact design allows the unit to be easily slipped into your hand luggage when travelling, and again the carrying case ensures it does not get damaged during your travel or damage any other items in your bag. However the main feature of this travel adapter is its ability to charge up your electronic devices wherever you are! TripShell supports over 150 countries with US, UK, European, and Australian/New Zealand plugs. The plugs are easily deployed for action using the sliders on the side of the unit, simply slide down your required plug and it will lock into place. To return the adapter to its normal state simply press the release button on the side and slide the slider back down to move the plug back inside the travel adapter, it couldn’t be easier!

On the opposite end of the travel adapter there is a handy dual USB accessory, which can be used to charge two USB devices at once, for example your iPhone and iPad. The LED indicator ring around this USB hub indicates whether the device is function properly or if there is an issue. The accessory can be easily unplugged from the travel adapter, allowing you to use the TripShell as simply a travel adapter with any socket you require. You can even use the USB accessory alone without the need of the travel adapter as it is attached using a US plug, so it can be simply plugged into a US socket, and you can use the travel adapter to power something else! Even better for those who live in the US, you can benefit from this handy little device even when you’re not on holiday!

Elago helpfully include a spare 6.3A fuse, ensuring you will never be left stranded without a working adapter! Simply slide the cover off and it reveals a handy compartment containing the additional fuse. The fuse for the adapter itself is located amongst the plugs and can be easily accessed at all times in case it needs to be swapped. The world travel adapter by elago also comes with a built-in child safety shutter to ensure you children don’t get an electric shock!

I highly recommend this product, alongside all of Elago’s other products of which I have reviewed in the past. They all consist of premium quality, and each inherit additional small features and functions which demonstrate the time and care that goes into designing and manufacturing each of their products! If you would like to check out this product on elago please click here!

Elago S6+ Glide Case for iPhone 6 Plus Full Review

The Elago S6+ Glide Case is the definition of Elagos motto simple sophisticated, the stylish, elegant look yet simple design make this case one of my favourite on the market for the iPhone 6 Plus! The perfect fit of this case due to the two separate sections ensures a high level of protection for your iPhone with all sides of your device being shock protected. There is also a small lip around the screen of your device safeguarding your display from scratches when placed flat on the table. Due to this tight fit Elago have included a gratis back protector; a thin clear film to cover the rear of your iPhone 6 Plus from potential scratching if there is any debris trapped between the inside of your case and your device.

This case has all the necessary cut-outs around your device, and due to these being over-sided, unlike many other cases, you can easily use the mute switch and also you are able to fit a lightning-30 pin adapter in the lightning port for those who are still using your old apple accessories! On the rear of the case there is a large cutout for your iSight camera, microphone and dual-tone LED flash, with no interference on the camera or glare from the flash on your snaps due to its precise design.

One of my favourite features about this stylish case is the endless customisability, if you own more than one of these cases you are able to swap around to achieve your perfect colour combination or even match what you are wearing! It is available in 20 different colours on Elagos website, I chose the dark grey and creamy yellow colour combination as I really like the neutral colour with a bright accent on the bottom section of my device. Which one is your favourite colour way?

Elago have also assured that their S6+ Glide case was made in Korea, ensuring the use of non-toxic chemicals in the manufacturing process and also providing a very high quality case, alike the rest of elagos premium products. This is a very nice touch from elago as it shows that the extremely precise process of making the case doesnt stop once it has been designed, it continues through the manufacturing process, then to you. A special coating is also applied to the rear of the S6+ case making sure there is no dirt, fingerprints or any other debris left on your case by your hands!

If you would like to see Elagos full range of colours please feel free to check out elagos website, and also if you would like to view their extensive range of accessories take a look here!