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It’s been over a month since I last posted here, thank you for all the lovely comments and emails checking that I am okay. I’m absolutely great, on the 14th May at 22.15pm I gave birth to our little boy Stefan Elijah. I have spent the time since adjusting to life as a new parent and learning how to respond to my conditions postnatally.


I was extremely lucky during labour as my body behaved far better than I expected it to and my seizures never reared their ugly head. Despite my original concerns about an epidural I requested one, my labour was induced via a hormone drip which meant my contractions were rather literally constant which I didn’t cope well with. Whilst the epidural didn’t work fully (I could still move my legs and feel a lot of pain despite several top ups) it took the edge off and between it and gas and air I was able to cope far better. I went from saying I couldnt cope anymore to having my inner geek come out and compare labour to an Orc trying to get through a hobbit hole! I have no idea how long my labour lasted, at 6.30ish pm I was only 3cm, so I was not classed as being in established labour, yet less than 4 hours later our little boy was here.

Since the birth my pain levels have dropped dramatically, I think mainly due the fact that he is no longer able to dislocate my ribs! Whilst I’m counting down to my botox injections, I’m thrilled knowing the appointment is in the post, I’m managing my jaw and other spasms rather well. I no longer push myself to get through any plans I had for the day if my spasms are on the more painful side, as it’s not worth risking having a seizure. Doing this has meant that I’m not wearing my body out and am needing less medication.

My Ehlers Danlos is causing a few issues at the moment. During birth I obtained a 2nd degree tear. Despite being stitched up at the time my body isn’t healing, so almost a month on I still have an open wound. Whilst I wait for a plan of action to resolve this I’m resting and on regular antibiotics to help.

All in all I am extremely thankful that the birth was so straightforward and I am loving life as a new mum. My partner is a fantastic dad and is great at helping me out and letting me grab some more sleep. I’m aiming to get back to blogging more frequently over the next few weeks, so check back for updates.

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Favorite “Treevia”

Dear readers, I had hoped I would have a progress report by now on last month’s rock wall project, but alas, my schedule hasn’t allowed me any time spent with paints since then. Maybe next month.

However, spring is in full force here in this area of Florida. We’ve already experienced the lovely and pungent orange blossoms and delicate blooming ligustrums, but right now, the spectacularly vivid, purple, trumpet-shaped blossoms of the Jacaranda tree are enough to take one’s breath away! The intensity of the color is right out of a fairytale! This tree tends to grow tall (66’ to 98’) with a huge canopy that can span the width of a whole yard. I grew up in New Jersey and hadn’t even heard of a Jacaranda until I moved here and saw it bloom. Absolutely stunning!

                                Jacaranda Tree

Jacarandas, (Jacaranda mimosa folia), truly hot weather plants thriving in zones 9 through 11, like sandy soil with good drainage and show off their blooms best when planted in full sun. That’s great for Florida lawns that need some shade for nice green grass.  The only downside might be that they tend to litter lawns, sidewalks and streets with the spent blossoms, and could clog pool filters, so placement is important. It took me a while to find the tree below because many times these trees are in a fenced-in yard and getting a good photo is a problem.

The next two trees are in my front yard and they are a part of the reason I bought my house. I love these trees. The first is a Canary Island date palm, (Phoenix canariensis), commonly called the pineapple palm because the fat trunk resembles a pineapple. My tree was only as high as my roof when I moved here in 2002. I used to string icicle lights along the lower fronds and cover the trunk with web lights at Christmas. It looked so pretty. I’d need a crane to do that now. I understand they can get to be 60’ tall. So far my tree man uses ladders to trim it and take the seed bundles away.

                          Pineapple Palm

I have a family of squirrels who have a nest way up in the fronds and they travel across my roof to get to the back yard where my bird feeder is. I recently took the bird feeder away when I got new sod and I’m afraid I’ve confused the squirrels.

The next tree is my Camphor tree, (Cinnamomum camphora). It is a member of the Laurel family, an evergreen that can grow to a height of 75’ and live to be greater than 1,000 years old. I love the rough greyish-brown bark and the gnarled limbs. The leaves that make up the large canopy are small, about three inches long that come to a point, and are dark glossy-green on top and a lighter matte color on the underside. The old leaves don’t fall off until new light-green leaves appear, to replace them. If the twigs and leaves are crushed in one’s hand, a camphor aroma can detected. It’s a refreshing medicinal scent I really like.

                          Homer the Camphor

As you can see from the photo, I have named this tree. He’s my buddy, Homer, and I light up his canopy at Halloween and Christmas. The kids in the neighborhood like him, too and show him off to their friends. Do you have favorite trees or do you name any? I’d love to hear!

Coco Ihle is the author of SHE HAD TO KNOW, an atmospheric traditional mystery set mainly in Scotland.

Join her here each 11th of the month.

Some secrets should be kept secret…

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 11.57.22 AM

Coming Home: In marriage, some secrets should be kept secretby Jessie VeederForum Communications

Oh, by the way, he said as he pulled on his pajamas pants and emerged from the closet. There was a bat in the bedroom while you were gone.

I sat straight up in bed, groaned a long Noooo! and clamped my hands to my mouth as I flashed back to the days of living in the old farmhouse and the traumatizing experience of discovering a really (like really) large family of bats hibernating in the space between the door and the screen we never used.

These things you never get over, no matter how rustic you think you are.

And, just to be certain we were both up to speed on all our bat incidents, my husband took the next moment to compare the most current bat situation to a similar episode in our past. Because theres more than one.

Remember when we had that bat in the bedroom in the old house?

Who could forget.

And we were laying there and it just flew in out of nowhere, through the fan blades and then all over the house.

Thanks for the reminder. I wasnt planning on sleeping tonight anyway.

Yeah, well it was like that only it was in this closet. It flew out, right at me, he explained as he reenacted the event, arms waving, voice rising, my stoic husband suddenly becoming animated at the memory. So I quick got out of the room, closed the door and ran downstairs to get reinforcements.

I dont want to know what the reinforcements were. I dont want to know how he got rid of it or why, for some reason, the racquetball racquet that had been tucked away in the cobweb filled corners of our storage space long enough for it to become a sports-shaped fossil was now mysteriously laying next to my husbands boot collection. I just want to imagine the bat was a figment of some sort of sleep-walking dream so I can continue to feel civilized in the new house that my husband was supposed to promise to make bat proof.

How did it get in here?! I whined as I scanned every corner of the room looking for an answer. I pulled the covers up over my mouth and waited for him to reassure me that it was indeed a dream or, at the very least, an isolated incident.

But thats not how my life tends to go out here.

I dont know. It could have come up through the vents from the basement or something.

The BASEMENT! Do we have bats in the BASEMENT?!

I dont know.

I stared at him, wide eyed in silence from behind my cover shield, willing him to give me a better answer.

He blinked.

I didnt.

Yeah. It occurs to me now that maybe I shouldnt have told you. My dad suggested I dont tell you but you know, I want you to be on the lookout.

How thoughtful.

Independent Publisher 2 Is Here

The popular Independent Publisher design is a WordPress theme that has long been beloved for its simplicity and legibility. So we are happy to announce that it has been improved, ever so slightly, with the design talents of Caroline Moore and Kjell Reigstad.

Introducing Independent Publisher 2:

Independent Publisher was first designed, developed, and released four years ago by Raam Dev in his introductory post to the Independent Publisher Project:

“I’ve been using WordPress for the past 8 years and in that time my site has always had a modified version of someone else’s theme. I always found it easier to start with a theme created by someone else and then modifying it until I had it the way I wanted.” —Raam Dev, 2013

I recently caught up with Raam to learn about the origins of Independent Publisher.

JM: How did Independent Publisher come to be?

RD: I had that design swimming around in my head for years—its the culmination 7 years of hacking away at a constantly-evolving WordPress theme for my personal site, tweaking and updating it every few months to apply my latest understanding of what good design meant. Over the years I had gotten so many requests from people who wanted to use the theme that I was using, but the current theme was always so hacked-together that I wasnt able to easily share it. Finally in 2013 I decided to put everything that Id learned into building a theme that could be shared and thats where the Independent Publisher theme was born. Ive been amazed by how many people use it—its such a weird feeling to visit the site of a stranger on the internet only to discover theyre using the theme that I helped build!

JM: Are you a designer or a developer? I mean, your last name is … “Dev.”

RD: Im definitely a bit of both. I love building things but I also love thinking about the ultimate purpose of what gets built, the why behind the what.

About my last name, it hadnt even occurred to me how appropriate my last name was for the type of work that I do until my developer friends started asking if it was really my last name.

JM: What advice do you give for budding designer/devs like yourself when starting off in creating a theme?

RD: Start with the end in mind. When I built the Independent Publisher theme, I kept revisiting the same set of questions at every step along the way: Whats the ultimate purpose of this theme? What is it trying to do? What is its ultimate objective?

JM: How have mobile devices changed how we consume content these days?

RD: If there was ever a good example of the importance of considering the design impact of what we build, mobile would be it. With mobile devices, users dont get to choose the size of their web browser. They have little choice about the constraints imposed on them by the devices in their hands. That means its up to us developers and designers to ensure that content can be consumed as easily as possible on mobile.

In case you are wondering, “What is a theme?” I can tell you that according to Automattic founder and CEO Matt Mullenweg, “themes” began from WordPress version 1.5 way back in 2005. A theme is an encapsulation of code and design knowledge it lets you customize the look and feel of a WordPress site to be exactly the way that you want. If you are a designer that is new to themes, I suggest that you read this short essay by Mel Choyce on “3 Reasons Why Every Designer Should Create A WordPress Theme.”

Because Independent Publisher came out in 2013, it deserved a tiny set of enhancements. We thought the best two people to lead the design challenge needed to be our theming veteran Caroline Moore and our typography expert Kjell Reigstad.

JM: What makes a good theme?

CM: A rock-solid code foundation like Components and a design that feels like home. My favorites are bold, colorful themes with lots of personality; Scratchpad by my colleague Laurel Fulford comes to mind.

JM: What makes for good typography?

KR: Good typography doesnt get in the way. Its balanced, legible, and subtle.

JM: Are there any aspects of Independent Publisher that caught your attention when it was first released on WP.com?

CM: Using a Gravatar as a site logo wasnt common around the time Independent Publisher was released, so that stood out to me as a neat way to make the theme more personalized right out of the box.

JM: What makes one paragraph more legible than the other?

KR: There are a number of variables that affect the readability of paragraphs. Aside from the more obvious ones like typeface and font size, I find leading and column width to be the most important.

Leading (also known as “line-spacing”) is the space between lines of text. If the space is too wide, your eyes have to work hard to jump from one line of text to the next. If its too narrow, your eyes have to work hard at differentiating each line as youre reading. Leading adjustments can be very subtle, but the right balance makes a big impact.

Column width is a little more self-explanatory. If a paragraph of text is too wide, your eyes will have to take a large horizontal jump each time you progress onto a new line. If the paragraph is too narrow, your eyes will have to make the jump more often. Both of these cases can cause eye fatigue. An ideal column width is somewhere in the middle.

JM: What about this Independent Publisher refresh benefits the reader?

KR: In my opinion, the best update is the switch to using system fonts by default. More often than not nowadays, websites load in custom font files to display all their text. This is great visually, but it does lead to slightly longer page load times.

System fonts are are included with your device by default. These are pretty standard fonts, and tend to be very widely available. Youve probably heard of many of them: Helvetica, Times, and Georgia for instance. Switching to use these fonts means we dont have to load in additional font files every time your site loads. This saves time, and is especially handy when visitors are on a slow or unstable mobile connection.

Best of all, the system fonts we used are beautiful! Headlines are set in your computers default sans serif font Apples San Francisco font, and Androids Roboto for example, and body text is set in Georgia by the beloved Matthew Carter.

JM: Where do you see the world of themes heading, Caroline?

CM: I want to see themes condensed into a single CSS file, applied over different components that you can mix and match to build any kind of site you can imagine.

JM: If Im a beginner to design and want to learn more about typography, how do I start, Kjell?

KR: This is a quick, 6-minute video that I made last year to share the joy of typography:

JM: Thank you Raam, Caroline, and Kjell!

So there you have it enjoy the new power of Independent Publisher 2, and set yourself free to write with enhanced legibility, special tweaks for mobile, and an overall faster experience for your readers.

Read more about Raam Dev, Caroline Moore, and Kjell Reigstad on their respective websites:

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Dismissal of Regina YMCA's CEO has caused 'a firestorm of discontent'

At a meeting later this month, members of the Regina YMCA will be able to voice their opinions about the dismissal of Randy Klassen as the organizations CEO and could vote to replace the current board of directors.

The Regina YMCAs board of directors voted unanimously to dismiss Klassen without cause at the end of March.

A committee of past chairs of the YMCA board circulated a petition requesting a general meeting of members.

The membership is questioning the leadership of the current board of directors because of the recent firing, for no cause, of one of the top YMCA CEOs in Canada — Randy Klassen, said Peter Hamill, spokesman for the past board chairs. And the membership is looking for a general meeting to express their views on Randys firing.

At the meeting, Y members will determine if any of the YMCAs 11 directors should be removed. If members deem that necessary, new directors will be nominated and appointed at the meeting.

I would call it a firestorm of discontent from the membership, Hamill said. Randy has provided us with amazing leadership over the last 17 years with the difficult decision to sell Camp Ta-Wa-Si that provided the impetus for us to add the second location up in the northwest and the third location in the east.

During Klassens tenure, the Regina YMCAs membership grew from 2,500 people to a recent high of 12,000 members, Hamill noted.

In previous discussions with Randy Klassen, the current Y board — counter to the cultural governance practices of the YMCA — have been deeply intrusive in the operations of the Y and the CEO, Hamill said. And because of that, the relationship between the CEO and the board broke down and thats why this has occurred.

Hamill has been a Y member for 50 years and was on the board for 12 years.

This is not an easy thing for any of us, he said.

The meeting will be held June 29 at 6:30 p.m. at the downtown YMCA. The board has requested that YMCA Canada chair the meeting.

In April, David Froh, YMCA board chair, said Klassens departure was a private matter and the board of directors was committed to respecting his privacy.

As a member-based association, its important that our members have a voice — it is their YMCA, Froh said Monday.We intend to hold a respectful and inclusive meeting because the common thread of all members is our belief in the community impact of the YMCA.

The petition contained no rationale for the suggested actions, including the removal of the board, nor have the petitioners offered any, Froh said.

Attempting to remove a volunteer board for acting within its duly elected purview is unfortunate, he said. The CEO removal was seen to be the most appropriate action given the challenges facing the Regina YMCA.

The meeting will not be open to the media.

We want a broad, cross section of members feel comfortable attending, Froh said. Thats why weve asked YMCA Canada to assist us. We intend to hold a meeting that is reflective of our values as a YMCA.

He said the board is comprised of experienced community leaders who voted unanimously to let Klassen go because they believed a change in leadership was required.

We have a legal responsibility to protect the YMCA and that was at the core of our decision and remains at the core of our interest in not speaking publicly about an HR issue, Froh said. Our board undertook an extensive process prior to making our decision. We remain certain that a change in leadership is required to ensure our association remains sustainable.

Klassen will not attend the meeting.

On Monday, when asked if there is a change of directors and he is offered his job back, would he take it, Klassen said he would strongly consider it.


Redblacks looking forward to CFL pre-season tests

Now more than a week into training camp, the Ottawa Redblacks are looking at two Canadian Football League preseason games that could decide who stays and who goes.

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats are in Ottawa for a game Thursday night, and then the Redblacks will travel to Montreal to face the Alouettes on June 15.

Im not totally committing to this, but, if people are healthy, theyre dressing and theyre going to play, Redblacks head coach Rick Campbell said after Mondays practice. Weve had a bunched-up schedule in the pre-season in the past, but the spacing is a week apart (this year), so well probably play everybody in both games.

Redblacks head coach Rick Campbell says the key to training camp is to get better at things every day. Errol McGihon/Postmedia

Campbell and the coaching staff had a chance to evaluate film after Saturdays mock game.

Its kind of what I thought, Campbell said. We have guys who are enthusiastic and working hard. There are things we need to clean up. Thats part of training camp. Part of the trick to becoming a good team is you get better at things each day and check things off the list as you go.

We want to reduce the penalties as much as possible. Were trying to make sure guys know the scheme and know what were doing so we can play fast.

Lineman Ceresna back for another shot

A year ago, fresh off from receiving a look from the National Football Leagues Kansas City Chiefs, was hoping to earn a spot on the Redblacks roster.

Now, in 2017, its much the same for the big defensive lineman.

The 22-year-old Ceresna was released by the Redblacks last year after breaking a hand, a freak accident where he got tripped up.

After he left Ottawa and his hand healed, he received a call from the NFLs New York Jets and agreed to sign. Near the end of the pre-season, he hurt an ankle in a pileup and was released.

He kept training and worked in a physical therapy clinic, waiting for another professional opportunity.

Ceresna participated in an NFL veterans combine in March, but that didnt generate any solid offers, so he agreed to return to Ottawa.

Im getting good feedback so far, he said Monday. They like the way Im playing. Im just trying to make plays and keep doing everything I can to make this the best team possible.

At 6-6 and 294 pounds, Ceresna was a beast in college football for State University of New York at Cortland. He recorded 142 tackles, 42 quarterback hurries and 14.5 sacks.



50 Of The Sexiest, Must-See Instagram Pictures On The Internet Today

Constance NunesInstagram Photo

Every day dozens upon dozens of gorgeous women share sexy pictures to their Instagram accounts. Some are models, some are actresses, some are fitness gurus and some just do it because they want to show how hot they are. There are literally so many of them that theres almost no way the average bro can keep tabs on them all.

Thats where we come in to save the day. We track over 1,000 of these beautiful ladies on Instagram every day just for you. Here are the sexiest pictures we saw them share today.

Sveta Bilyalova Instagram Photo

Dajana Gudic Instagram Photo

Helga LovekatyInstagram Photo

Nadia Grace Instagram Photo

Ciara Price Instagram Photo

Eugena WashingtonInstagram Photo

Kristie TaylorInstagram Photo

Hope Beel Instagram Photo

Katja Zwara Instagram Photo

Shelby BayInstagram Photo

Daphne Joy Instagram Photo

Isabeli Fontana Instagram Photo

Alyssa Arce Instagram Photo

Claudia Stevens Instagram Photo

Charlie Riina Instagram Photo

Leanna Bartlett Instagram Photo

Mikaela Osborn Instagram Photo

Natalie Jayne Roser Instagram Photo

Elizabeth Loaiza Junca Instagram Photo

Josefine ForsbergInstagram Photo

Celeste Bright Instagram Photo

Jimena Sanchez Instagram Photo

Jenna JenovichInstagram Photo

Sarah Scotford Instagram Photo

Maggie Laine Instagram Photo

JulianneInstagram Photo

Emanuela De Paula Instagram Photo

Heather Whiting Instagram Photo

Brooke NashInstagram Photo

Shay Mitchell Instagram Photo

Raquel Pomplun Instagram Photo

Elyse Taylor Instagram Photo

Madison EdwardsInstagram Photo

Arianny Celeste Instagram Photo

Abigail RatchfordInstagram Photo

Jessica Nigri Instagram Photo

Josephine Skriver Instagram Photo

Alessandra Sironi Instagram Photo

Terann HilowInstagram Photo

Layla Edison Instagram Photo

Kara Del Toro Instagram Photo

Kylie JennerInstagram Photo

Melissa Riso Instagram Photo

Katie Kearney Instagram Photo

Jocelyn BinderInstagram Photo

Emily Ratajkowski Instagram Photo

Rhian Sugden Instagram Photo

Kindly Myers Instagram Photo

Carla SonreInstagram Photo

2017 Shows!

Our Upcoming shows!



At the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance, 11th floor

January 20 at 9pm and January 21 at 8pm,

email for info or call 617-388-3247

Green Street Studios

February 24-25th, at 8pm

Kickstarter to support the dancers!

Shifting Earth, explores the effects of change that life can unexpectedly bring to the human experience. Like the harsh and sudden movements of the tectonic plates beneath earth’s surface, life shifts in unexpected ways that make us vulnerable to sudden loss and illness that rapidly forces us to undergo monumental shifts that change our paths forever, forcing us to adapt. Rapid change is brought to life onstage with great kinetic waves of motion, punctuated by moments of stillness. Dancers create sharp angles and slicing limbs that segue into liquid curves with startlingly ephemeral shifts of weight.

There is a continuous play with the space by building patterns that develop into a non-linear organic movement narrative to create a sudden feeling of trying to catch a fall, almost as if someone had pulled a rug out from under your feet. Before we catch ourselves it is as if we are floating in time, until we are able to adapt and move forward.

The Body Becomes The Messenger (2016), a dance that explores how the body informs our emotional, physical and spiritual lives.  Through the use of body language, gestures, and projection of energy through breath and muscular effort, providing a gateway for the viewer to observe an abstract portrait of the body in transformation. The Body Becomes the Messenger’s movement is sourced from deep places, its intention is to bring awareness to the strength of the body, its language and the power we each hold inside.


Tickets for January 20-21st at the Graham Center can be purchased here:



Tickets for Cambridge, Ma show can be purchased here.


Terry Jones: More-affordable Grey Cup promised for Edmonton in 2018

It might be the best CFL news of the year.

Edmonton intends to give the Grey Cup game back to the real football fans from coast to coast.

At the 106th Grey Cup Nov. 25, 2018 in Edmonton, there will be no Toronto 2016 rip-off pricing where the cheapest seats were $169-$199 and went as high as $899.

Thousands from around the nation decided to stay home, leaving Toronto organizers with unsold tickets galore.

There will also be no attempt to use the Grey Cup as a massive cash infusion to reward new owners for taking over teams, or in the case of David Braley, for owning two teams with multiple hostings by his B.C. Lions and then Toronto Argos. No new stadium component is involved.

As was the case with Edmonton’s ballistic Grey Cup hosting in 2010, the priority will be to providing affordable tickets combined with an excellent experience for fans from throughout Canada and the community during Grey Cup week.

“Right from the start, it’s going to be about making it the best event possible. We want to make sure we do things right. Season seat holders will be able to buy their Grey Cup tickets starting at $99 to $299,” said Grey Cup 2018 co-chairman and Eskimos chief executive officer Len Rhodes at the official press conference held outdoors in a concourse level location for photo-op purposes.

Ticket prices in 2010 ranged from $98 to $250.

Eskimos board chairman Brad Sparrow, as was the case with Doug Goss in 2010, will also act as co-chairman of the Grey Cup committee. And that’s bonus for those who want the downtown festival from 2010 replicated. The police estimate of crowds downtown peaked at 125,000 on Grey Cup Saturday. Sparrow chaired the downtown festival in 2010.

“We want to set the new bar. We’re excited. We know if we set the bar high, even higher than the last time, the financials will work themselves out,” he said. “Edmonton is an amazing place. There is no surprise that this city has the largest 50-50s, for both the Eskimos and Oilers games, in the entire world of sports. That’s who we are. They’re going to come out. We had 1,000 volunteers in 2010, and we know they’ll be there for us again.

“We have to give them the opportunity to have some fun and participate. Every venue. The game. Every activity. The festival. We’re going to work our hardest to set that new level. Our ticket strategy is a sellout strategy. We want to sellout the building. So they’ll be affordable. This is Edmonton.

“We have some planning to do. We brought in Duane Vienneau and we’re very excited.”

Head of the Tour of Alberta for the past several years, Vienneau was executive director of the 2010 Grey Cup organizing committee. He will begin with Grey Cup 2018 June 15 and be replaced by Scott Fisher with the Tour of Alberta. He will also continue with the Tour as a liaison through the running of the event in early September.

“Personally, I’m excited to be back at it. When you’ve done one, you get a bug for it. Done right, it’s the biggest and best event this country has,” he said. We’re already working with the idea ‘What can we do this time to top what we did in 2010?’ When we started in 2010, the festival was just going to be on Churchill Square. It turned out to be four-and-a-half blocks of festival.

“Our fans here in Edmonton and across Canada know this is a great place for the Grey Cup — when the city last hosted in 2010, the game sold out in a week,” said Jim Lawson, chair of the CFL board of governors.

That sellout was achieved prior to the first pre-season game and 173 days prior to the game or basically this very same week seven years ago.

Game day will be Nov. 25.

No ‘Party In Your Parka’ or ‘Huddle Up’ theme has yet to be chosen.

It has already been decided that, unlike several recent Grey Cups, there will be a Grey Cup parade.

The economic impact has been projected to likely push $100 million.

The province as agreed to put up $1.5 million (up from $1.1 million in 2010) and the city a similar contribution, much of it value in kind but with a few hundred dollars in cash around the festival as well.

There’s no news if the wildly successful CFL Week which made its debut in Regina in April might be held next April in Edmonton as a whistle-wetter leading to the Edmonton Grey Cup or if organizing one event is enough without adding another.

“We’re definitely going to do it again,” said Lawson. “I think the people at our CFL office are working on locale for next year.”

The four previous Edmonton Grey Cups have attracted 60,081, 60,431, 62,531 and 63,317, respectively, but this one, due to new wider seats installed throughout Commonwealth Stadium, will have a seating capacity of 55,614.

E-mail: tjones@postmedia.com

On Twitter: @byterryjones

Southwood Lakes 25th Anniversary Gala

Irene and Jack Carmichael attend the Southwood Lakes 25th Anniversary luncheon at Essex Golf and Country Club on May 11, 2017.

Jack and Helen McConnell attend the Southwood Lakes 25th Anniversary luncheon at Essex Golf and Country Club on May 11, 2017.

Sharron and Lou Gyenes, left, and Enza and Lloyd Crain attend Southwood Lakes 25th Anniversary Gala at Essex Golf and Country Club on May 11, 2017.

Richard and Nancy St. John attend the Southwood Lakes 25th Anniversary luncheon at Essex Golf and Country Club on May 11, 2017.

Gilbert and Arlene Williams attend the Southwood Lakes 25th Anniversary luncheon at Essex Golf and Country Club on May 11, 2017.

Bernice and Dave Zanet attend Southwood Lakes 25th Anniversary luncheon at Essex Golf and Country Club on May 11, 2017.